About Planet Hernando

Planet Hernando is a "Social Web" web site that aims to provide interactions, dialogs and information between people with similar interest. Represented in a focused hierarchy design, starting with Hernando County as the top node. For example fishing is a sport conducted in every country in the world, however the fishing in Hernando County differs a great deal from the fishing in Alaska. While the information at Planet Hernando will focus the details to Hernando County fishing, the information may also be beneficial to other areas of the county or world.

What does all this really mean. It's a web site were people in or have interest with Hernando county can learn and communicate anything related to Hernando County.

Planet Hernando at it's earliest stages

Planet Hernando started out as a small project in 1997. When the concept was first conceived, the technology and internet was still very young and untrusted. Consequently the project went dormant for many years. Since then the internet has come a long way and the internet is now integrated into just about everything we do from shopping to social networking.

While the Planet Hernando concept remains the same, the ideas have evolved with the available technology to include blogs, forums, email and private messaging system to allow easy and effective communication.