Welcome to Planet Hernando!

Planet Hernando is a place where we can share, communicate and inform each other about local events, ideas and adventures. The web site is set up in two main sections; the blogs and forums.


The blogs (aka web logs) are similar to a diary. Each blog will have a central theme. For example I write blogs on the things I enjoy the most, fishing. Each blog will have one or more 'bloggers' (one who writes blogs) who will contribute to the blog. Since there are many blogs, following or subscribing to a blog allows you to stay up-to-date with as the blog is updated. Each blog post will allow comments by the readers. Anyone interested in writing a blog or becoming a team Blogger, let me know. We are always looking for new stuff.


A forum is an internet message board, where users can post a message, such as a question, idea or event. Other users can read and post a response to the message. The forums are arranges in many different categories and sub categories. In each category a user can post a new message with a title which will begin a new 'thread'. A thread is a group off messages which is a list all the responses to the first message and the responses are arranged from oldest to latest. I have used forums for many years, back in the beginning they where call user groups, which where mainly used by programmers and hackers. Today forums are used in just about every aspect of the internet.

Forums have several types of users;
Guest: Who can read threads, but can not post or respond.
Users: Who can start a new thread, read and respond to post.
Moderator : Is a super user that can edit or delete users and/or their post.
Administrator: Is a super user that manages all aspect of the forum.

As the site grows Planet Hernando will need volunteers and team bloggers.


We hope you enjoy Planet Hernando! If you have any questions, comments or suggestion please let us know by filling out our Contact Form.

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